Christian La Croix Collection

Where is Monsieur Christian Lacroix?

Desigual is unravelling one of the fashion industry’s unsolved mysteries. He left the firm that still bears his name in 2009, and the celebrated French designer Monsieur Christian Lacroix now devotes his time to opera, theatre and the Mediterranean brand Desigual, a relationship that has now spanned nine years.

Monsieur Lacroix’s contribution to the world of fashion is immeasurable. Since 2011, he has brought his savoir-faire to collaborations with Desigual. We’re presenting our new Autumn Winter collection in collaboration with the French master and some of his most iconic friends.

Where is Monsieur Lacroix? Undoubtedly… at Desigual.

Power to the Flowers

Autumn-winter garments that are… “hot”, as the designer himself puts it. Spring in autumn, or summer in winter, where flowers hold the power. This season, his collection is brought to life with woven flowers using folk art techniques. Craftsmanship and folklore are the inspirations for this colourful collection, with garments splashed with winter flowers that have been hand-painted or photographed from fashion sketches and mixed with plenty of patchwork. A collection that epitomes the joy between the flamboyant and the casual.


Monsieur Christian Lacroix:

 “Stand out in flowers”