Christian Lacroix Collection

Celebrating 10 Years with Desigual

Designed between Barcelona and Arles, this captivating capsule collection abounds in vibrant Provençal colours featuring extraordinary shapes and incomparable patterns. The inspiration for this exclusive collection was birthed from the Mediterranean and the Orient, combining inimitable illustrations and soft, effeminate patterns.

Monsieur Lacroix’s contribution to the world of fashion is immeasurable. Since 2011, he has brought his savoir-faire to collaborations with Desigual – 10 momentous years with this iconic designer calls for celebration.  The prints that grace Monsieur Lacroix’s latest collection encapsulate romantic flair and reflect the essence of nature and the birds and flowers that call it home.

Fields of Inspiration

Sweeping breaths of lavender fields in Arles, Monsieur Lacroix’s home city, fervently inspired the violet hues that dominate this collection’s colour palette. Lacroix favoured playing with breezy, delicate tule in his capsule collection, amplifying the feminine flow and movement that defines these sensational items.

Discover playful pinafores, fluid Japanese sleeves, chic sleeveless dresses and don’t forget to stay tuned – 2021 is ultimately the year of Monsieur Christian Lacroix.



Christian Lacroix: