Desigual Mickey Collection

Desigual And Disney:

An invitation to dance and express yourself!

Desigual’s new capsule featuring Disney’s Mickey Mouse also includes a hoodie and two T-shirts featuring a print designed by Monsieur Christian Lacroix

Desigual Mickey collection now in Sandton and Menlyn

The key theme of this campaign is dance and the opportunities for expression that it gives everyone. To dance is to let go, to flow, to have fun… and it’s this dynamism and joy that connects Desigual and Disney. Their shared history is one of lasting friendship forged over the years. And now it’s being cemented with this thrilling capsule for Spring Summer 2022.

A unique print
This collection has also benefited from an outstanding guest, another good friend of Desigual: renowned French designer Monsieur Christian Lacroix.

Through his creative prism, the image of Disney’s Mickey Mouse has taken on a whole new dimension, surrounded by fluorescent colours, hypnotic geometric shapes and a vibe somewhere between urban and disco. The result is an instantly alluring print that has been used on several pieces from the #DesigualAndDisney capsule: an oversized hoodie and two T-shirts.

Any of these designs will imbue the wearer with positivity, rhythm and joy. The sweatshirt, with its oversized fit and hood, follows every movement with so much flow; while the T-shirts have that 2000 feel that’s so popular this season. Either piece goes perfectly with the rest of the #DesigualAndDisney capsule.

A 100% Desigual and 100% Disney capsule
Denim is one of Desigual's hallmarks and, in 1984, marked the starting point for our collaboration with Disney’s Mickey Mouse, when the legendary Iconic Jacket was launched with material from recycled jeans and a patch featuring the popular character on the back.

That's why denim is such a central element in this capsule. It can be found in comfy jeans with a jogger or straight fit, as well as a trucker jacket with a Disney’s Mickey Mouse patch on the back (which has a matching miniskirt). It’s also the key material for bags, such as a shopper, and for details like a patch on a jumper.

The collection is completed with hoodies that combine plush and knit, T-shirts featuring Disney’s Mickey Mouse's unmistakable silhouette, and accessories (such as backpacks and sneakers) where the iconic character takes centre stage.