The breathtaking collaboration between revolutionary L.A. designer Johnson Hartig & Desigual : a celebration of excess, embellishment, boldness and punk!

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Desigual Johnson Hartig Collection in South Africa

Clothing Johnson Hartig by Desigual

Desigual joins forces with revolutionary designer Johnson Hartig (Libertine) to create an incredible collaboration that celebrates excess, ornament and punk. The 25 garments that make up the collection are truly unique. Among them, we can highlight an unforgettable bomber jacket: with its black nylon base, it has the contrast of endless coloured ribbons stitched from the neck. On them, we can read some of the statements of Johnson Hartig's philosophy for Desigual, which alternate with coloured beads, glitter, fringes... To create a total impact look, this garment has matching shorts. If you want to be even more daring, you can always choose another impressive combo: a zip-up sweatshirt and shorts full of sequins and contrasting patches. Bold jeans, crochet embroidery, rhinestone appliqués, graphic print t-shirts, a hat and two pairs of sneakers complete the capsule: a direct appeal to those who live and express themselves with fashion from a unique perspective.